Roof Inspection

Roofing is a complex and expensive process that requires specialized knowledge. Every service area requires skillful thinking and expert execution to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

A roof inspection is a significant part of the roofing process because it helps in achieving an accurate diagnosis of your roof condition and the damage that requires immediate mitigation. It is also essential to the long-term health of your roof, but it’s not something you should do yourself or trust to just anyone. You need a professional roof inspector who can accurately assess all aspects of your home’s exterior from top to bottom.

To keep your roof in perfect shape, we have extended our roofing services to provide high-quality services at affordable prices for residential and commercial properties throughout Long Island, Brooklyn & Manhattan. We offer free on-site inspections and expert repairs using only the best materials available on the market today at competitive rates while providing our customers with unparalleled customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction! If you are looking for a reliable contractor that will go above and beyond then look no further than the Roofing Pros of Lakewood.

We conduct a comprehensive roof inspection to ensure that existing damages are addressed early while potential issues that may arise in the future are effectively resolved through preventive repair and maintenance plans. It’s better ready than sorry that’s why we opt to disrupt the advanced progression of damages through our efficacious services.

The Types of Inspection we Offer

There are many kinds of roof inspections. Visual inspection is the most basic method of inspecting a roof. Its name connotes its meaning, which is entirely done through detailed visual assessment checking all visible signs of damage such as leaks, cracks, and holes. You may conduct a primary inspection to check the existing condition of your roof.

Other types of roof inspection include electronic roof inspection, thermal roofing inspection, moisture scan, and many others. These techniques can ensure that your roofs are free of unwanted moisture and electronic leaks.

Our In-depth Roof inspection

Here’s a sneak peek of how our professional inspectors evaluate your roof’s condition and integrity.

First, we check your roof cover or the outermost layer of your roof material. It can be made of slate, asphalt, stone-coated, steel, or metal. Next, we check your roof drainage and gutters. This is to determine whether they are clogged, blocked, and severely deteriorated.

In addition to examining external factors and taking a visual survey of the roof, our roofers will examine your internal structures that may be at risk. We will check for signs of water leaks, stains, and other early signs of damage. This includes checking timbers to make sure they are not under too much stress or pressure. Roofs are made out of durable and robust materials, but they are not invincible to normal wear and tear.

Don’t be discouraged if you have a limited budget to fix your roof. We will categorize each damage by priority, and we will recommend that we address the more urgent damage first and the ones that require immediate attention. Call us today and let us help you with your roofing needs!